The Hopton Crown
Hopton Wafers, DY14 0NB

Fully booked, however there may be a couple of extra rooms available.  Please contact Alex ( if you are interested in taking one.

Walking distance (5 minutes) from the church and reception venue.

Rooms from £90 per night

The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast
Wheathill, Ludlow WV16 6QT, UK

3 rooms

6 miles / 15 minute drive from the wedding

£90 - £130 per night

Broome Park Farm B&B
Catherton Rd, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster DY14 0LB, UK

£70-80 per night (2 night minimum)

3 miles / 7 minute drive from the wedding

The Graig Bed and Breakfast Ludlow
Office Lane, Angel Bank, Ludlow, Ludlow SY8 3PG, UK

Rooms from £119

4 miles / 8 minutes from the wedding

Cleeton Court, Cleeton Saint Mary
Bitterley, DY14 0QZ

4 miles / 12 minutes drive from the wedding

Rooms from £80

Fishmore Hall Hotel
Fishmore Rd, Ludlow SY8 3DP, UK

Rooms from £105

9 miles / 15 mins from the Wedding 

Dinham Hall Hotel
Dinham, Ludlow SY8 1EJ, UK

Rooms from £119 per night

10 miles / 15 mins from the wedding

The Feathers Hotel
21 Bull Ring, Ludlow SY8 1AA, UK

Rooms from £130 per night

10 miles / 15 mins from the wedding

Travelodge Ludlow
Foldgate Ln, Ludlow SY8 1LS, UK

Rooms from £72 per night

9 miles / 15 mins from the wedding

The Bull Hotel
14 Bull Ring, Ludlow SY8 1AD, UK

Rooms from £65

9 miles / 15 mins from the wedding

Accommodation for groups

For larger groups wishing to stay together, please check Airbnb and, or contact Alex for suggestions.

Travel and Transportation

Hopton Wafers, United Kingdom

The ceremony is being held at Saint Michael & All Angels Church in Hopton Wafers. The reception is taking place a few minutes walk up the road at Hopton Court, so minimal travelling between the two!

Getting there:


From Cleobury Mortimer - Once you reach Cleobury Mortimer continue through on the main High Street which is the road to Ludlow.  Continue for 2 miles and you will reach Hopton Wafers.  When you reach the Hopton Crown Pub turn right immediately afterwards, then follow the road round, turn right (school opposite).  The church is 20 meters along the road on the left.  To get to Hopton Court carry on along the road for another 100 meters and you will see signs to the court on your right.


The closest train stations are Ludlow (10 mins in a taxi) or Kidderminster (30 mins in a taxi)


Please see local taxi numbers below.  It is important to pre-book your taxi to the ceremony and taxis are limited!


If you wish to drive to the church/reception, parking is available at Hopton Court.  Guests can park in the car park and take the short walk down the hill to the church.

**Cars can be left overnight at Hopton Court and collected any time the next day**

Getting Home:

We will be putting on a mini bus service at the end of the night for guests staying in hotels nearby,  Ludlow and Cleobury Mortimer (see list below).

If you would like to be included in this service, please let us know by RSVP.  Or alternatively email Alex at

The Crown Inn - Hopton Wafers (this is walking distance from the marquee (approx 200m), so transport will not be required)

The Talbot Hotel - Cleobury Mortimer

The Kings Arms - Cleobury Mortimer

The Graig Bed & Breakfast - Ludlow

The Cliffe at Dinham - Ludlow

Whitfield House - Ludlow

Broome Park Farm - Cleobury Mortimer

Dinham Hall - Ludlow

Fishmore Hall - Ludlow

The Feathers - Ludlow

The Bull Hotel - Ludlow

The Old Rectory Bed & Breakfast - Wheathill

Cleeton Court - Cleeton St Mary

If there is a group of you staying in an airbnb near by, do let us know the name as we can arrange for one of the shuttle buses to make a stop there too.

We will post a timetable for the shuttle bus service at the reception venue.

Alternatively, if you would like to arrange a taxi for the end of the night, please ensure you book in advance.  Taxi companies are limited (and small) and therefore need advanced warning!  

Local taxi numbers:
Tracy's Taxis: 01584 890820
Travel 67: 01299 676767
Ludlow Taxis: 01584 876666

Alan Price: 07733079679

Annette's Taxis: 01584 878787
Swan Cabs: 01584 810310
Bewdley Taxis: 01299 400000
Teaky's Taxis: 01584 879478

Bizzy Cars: 0800 2343024

Boomarang: 07411142755

Jill: 07972552896

Gina Price's Taxis: 01584872941

Shuttle Bus timetable

Mini bus timetable

Hi all, 

If you have signed up to the mini bus transfers at the end of the night, please see below timetable of when your buses are leaving.  Please ensure you are in the carpark for these times.


Coach 1a (Cleobury Mortimer)

Mandy Johnson (the Talbot)

Kara Willets (The Talbot)

Nick Willets (The Talbot)

Liana Jones (The Talbot)

Rob Jones (The Talbot)

Nicky Seymour (The Talbot)

Alex Lucas (The Talbot)

Emily John (The Talbot)

Jamie Rea (The Talbot)

Grace Williams (The Talbot)

Charlie Collins (The Kings Arms)

Matt Longden (The Kings Arms)

Nick Neves (The Kings Arms)

Juli Neves (The Kings Arms)

Asiya Rasheed (The Kings Arms)

Adrian Mason (The Kings Arms)

Steph Gilbert-Dickens (The Kings Arms)

Liam Gilbert-Dickens (The Kings Arms)

Nick Hands (Broome Park Farm)

Selina Hands (Broome Park Farm)

Mae Hands (Broome Park Farm)

Harriet Hands (Broome Park Farm)


Coach 2a (Ludlow)

Caggie Stevenson (Cleestanton)

Michael Stevenson (Cleestanton)

Alice Stevenson (Cleestanton)

Ross Bead (Cleestanton)

Ed Stevenson (Cleestanton)

Steph Stevenson (Cleestanton)

Sue Heskett (Cleestanton)

Robert Heskett (Cleestanton)

George Heskett (Cleestanton)

Sarah Harlin (Friars Tilt, Linney SY8 1EE)

Graham Harlin (Friars Tilt, Linney SY8 1EE)

Ed Simpson (Fishmore Hall)

Will Simpson (Fishmore Hall)

Pippa Simpson (Fishmore Hall)

Heather Ward (Fishmore Hall)

Peter Ward (Fishmore Hall)

Toby Ward (Fishmore Hall)

Katie Ward (Fishmore Hall)

Caroline Holmes (Fishmore Hall)

Gus Holmes (Fishmore Hall)

Carly Davies (Whitfield House)

Laurence Claydon (Whitfield House)

David Wilkinson (Whitfield House)

Caroline Silk (Whitfield House)


Coach 1b

(If anybody would like a lift to The Hopton Crown rather than walking, please jump on this bus!)

Karl Curtis (Estivals, DY14 0QR)

Michelle Curtis (Estivals, (DY14 0QR)

Liam Doody (The Graig b&b)

Sinead Gibbons (The Graig b&b)

Adam Clarke (The Graig b&b)

Jess Clarke (The Graig b&b)

Carl Brammal (The Graig b&b)

Jenna Searle (The Graig b&b)

Fran Newman-Young (Henley Hall)

Pete Clark (Henley Hall)

Chrissie Foyle (Henley Hall)

Adrian Gross (Henley Hall)

Pascaline Millar (Henley Hall)